Dark-eyed when it comes to people and their personal finances

Loans are very much linked to personal finances. In a perfect world, no one would ever have to take out any loans as they saved money for houses, cars and anything else that might be interesting to buy. Unfortunately, however, it is not so and sometimes you really understand why people find it difficult to get along.

Who are having a tough time financially


Firstly, there is no doubt that there are people in this country who are having a tough time financially and for reasons they themselves do not control. If you are in such a situation it is tough simply. But then there is another type of man who has a hard time getting along too.

Read on a very well-known forum about a person who was looking for tips when it did not come together at the end of the month. He lives with his wife and two children in a second and together they have USD 35,000 in salary after tax. Maybe not the best salary in the world, but there should be no problems with the economy.

In the text he talks about slightly different things like that he eats out often which may not be good financially (and of course he is quite right there) but the great thing is that he mentions what cars they have. Of course, they have two cars.

Sell the expensive cars and get one


So it doesn’t take too much thinking to conclude that those cars might not be that smart. If you live too expensive, the risk is that loans that are not good will soon come knocking. Although we run a page here about borrowing money, we never ever suggest that people should borrow money when they can’t afford it. Sometimes it is not as simple as in this case where it is just to sell the expensive cars and get one or, in case of emergency, two cheap cars instead.

Should I really?


A good basic rule when it comes to finances is to always question all costs, purchases etc. If you ask me if I should buy a sports car that costs a lot of money which I do not have or if I should buy an older and cheaper car, the answer is quite obvious. This also applies to smaller purchases. Do I really need to buy that new hat or do I do well with the three I already have? Is it really so good with candy that it’s worth the money? Question all your expenses.

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